Fine artist: Watercolour, acrylic painting

As a high school student, I was a painter, a sketcher and a craftsperson. This took a backseat to my career as an actor when I entered my twenties.

I re-invented myself as a visual artist when roles for an Asian woman of my age range became scarce.

I have rediscovered the joys of watercolour and acrylic painting as well as the crafting of handmade dolls and animals.

My paintings reflect my fascination with nature — the sky, the mountains, the landscapes untouched by humans – as well as urban scenes and domestic life.

Watercolour offers me freedom of expression and acrylics further my experimental nature – the joy of palette knife painting is my most recent discovery.

As long as my vision holds up, I will continue to create my miniatures: silhouettes and landscapes duplicated into tiny paintings for tiny displays.

As long as there are clouds and trees, cats and rabbits, plains and mountains, I shall create for my own pleasure as well as for others to enjoy.